The 12th season of the Stoler Report-Real Estate & Business Trends debuted in September, 2012

September 18, 2012: Industry leaders outlook for 2013:

Guests include: James Carpenter, Ofer Yardeni, Steven Witkoff and Robert Knakal

September 25, 2012: What's Happening in Brooklyn?

Mona Gora, Honorable Marty Markowitz, Peter Meyer, Josh Muss

October 2, 2012: What's Happening in Lower Manhattan?

Jerimiah Larkin, Janno Lieber, Michael Murray, Drew Nieporent

October 9, 2012: Senior Real Estate Executives Outlook on the Market

Kenneth Bernstein, Bruce Mosler, Jay Shah, Bruce Schanzer

October 16, 2012:  The Hot, Hot, Hot, Residential Market

Scott Alper, Laurie Golub, Michael Namer, David Von Spreckelsen

October 23, 2012: Banking Executives Outlook on the Market

Domenick Cama, Frank Korzelwinski, Kevin Lynch, Matthew Petrula

October 30, 2012: The Residential Rental & Condominium Market in the Metropolitan Area

Joel Bergstein, Kenneth Horn, Jeffrey Levine, Joseph McMillan

November 6, 2012: What's Happening in New Jersey?

Ron Beit, Anthony DiTomasso, Jeffrey Schotz, Eric Witmondt

November 13, 2012: Private Fund Executives Outlook on the Market

Kevin Davis, Richard Mack, Craig Solomon, Tim Yantz

November 20, 2012: The Investment In New York City-Pre & Post Hurricane Sandy and Election

Shimon Shkury, Ofer Cohen, Aaron Jungreis, David Schechtman

November 27, 2012: The Outlook on the Office Market: The Election, Economy & Hurricane Sandy

 David Sturner. Kent Swig, Eric Gural, Kevin Hackett

December 4, 2012: Real Estate & Business Executives Outlook

Gino Martocci, Dennis Russo, Bruce Mosler, Stephen Siegel

December 11, 2012: Hurricane Sandy on its effect on the New York regions Real Estate & Business Climate

Jim Coughlan, Peter D'Arcy, Frank Giantomasi and Glenn Markman

December 18, 2012: What's Happening in Harlem?

Drew Greenwald, Ross Jacobs, Stephen Kliegerman

January 1, 2013: The Current Environment on the NYC Hospitality Industry

Vijay Dandapani, Hank Fried, Brennan Keating, Ian Simpson Reisner

January 8, 2013: Business Executives Outlook for 2013

Larry Korman, Robert Ivanhoe, Michael Pappagallo, Ofer Yardeni

January 15, 2013: Banking Executives Outlook for 2013

John Adams, John Costa, Dan Harris, Ben Stacks

January 22, 2013: Healthcare Executives Outlook for 2013-Part I

Michael Dowling, Barry Rabner, Dr. Steven Safyer

January 29, 2013: Healthcare Executives Outlook for 2013-Part II

Michael Dowling, Barry Rabner, Dr. Steven Safyer

February 5, 2013: Developing Commercial Real Estate in New York City

Margarette Lee, Susan Hewitt, Julia Hodgson, Belinda Schwartz

February 12, 2013:  The Current State of the Retail Market

Chris Conlon, Lester Petracca, Jeffrey Roseman, Richard Wagman

February 19, 2013: The Business of Broadway

Paul Libin, Nick Scandalios, Robert Wankel

February 26, 2013: The Friars & Friends: Discuss the Cabaret & & Music Business in New York City

Len Cariou, Jamie deRoy, Marc Eliot, Stan Gilbert, Sidney Myer

March 5, 2013: What's happening on the West Side?  

Christopher Albanese, Joseph Moinian, Bruce Mosler, Philip Wharton

March 12, 2013: The Office Market in New York City-Real Estate Executives Outlook

David Falk, Michael Giglio, Rick Lyon, James Nelson

March 19, 2013: What's Happening in Williamsburg? 

Andrew Barrocas, Peter D'Arcy, Jared Epstein, David Schwartz

March 26, 2013:  What's Happening in Queens?

David Brause, Steve Chen, Michael Meyer, Jeremy Shell

April 2, 2013: The Garment and Apparel Business: Growing & Thriving in New York City

Alex Garfield, Harriet Greenberg, Charles Mizrahi, J. Michael Stanley

April 9, 2013: What's Happening in Newark? Part I

Miles Berger, Kevin Cummings, Frank Giantomasi, Steve Pozycki

April 16, 2013: What's Happening in Newark? Part II

Miles Berger, Kevin Cummings, Frank Giantomasi, Steven Pozycki

April 23, 2013: New York City: The home of the most luxurious condominiums in the world

Scott Alper, Joe McMillan, Karl Seus, David Von Spreckelsen

April 30, 2013: Fourth Generation Businesses: Grow & Thrive in New York City

Dan Glickberg, Jason Muss, Paul Rich, Peter Rosenthal

May 7, 2013: Medical Schools: Training the next generation of health care professionals-Part I

Dr. Dennis Charney, Dr. Lawrence  Smith, Dr. Allen Spiegel,   Dr. Edward Halperin

May 14, 2013: Medical Schools: Training the next generation of health care professionals

Dr. Dennis Charney, Dr. Lawrence Smith, Dr. Allen Spiegel, Dr. Edward Halperin

May 21, 2013: Roosevelt Island & Long Island City: Communities in transition

Joshua Eisenberg, Andrew Kirby, David Kramer, Alan Suna

May 28, 2013: Wine, Wine and More Wine: Wines place in the hospitality industry

Drew Nieporent, Mark Snyder, Bernie Sun, Bobby Schragin

June 5, 2013: The Real Estate Market in 2013: Or Have we returned to 2007? 

Thomas Lydon, Gino Martocci, James Orphanides, Mitch Rutter

June 12, 2013: Everyone wants to be in New York City: Banks invading the Big Apple

Kevin Cummings, Richard Ehst, Joseph Ficalora, Jack Kopniski


June 19, 2013: Real Estate Executives View on the Current real estate market

Allen Goldman, Joseph Harbert, Robert Levine, Josh Muss

June 26, 2013: Money for Commercial Real Estate

Matthew Galligan, Michael Weinstock, Joseph Orefice, Benjamin Stacks

July 2, 2013: The Hot, Hot, Hospitality Market in New York

Abe Hidary, Will Obeid, Neil Shah, Raphael Fishbach


July 9, 2013: Investment Sales Market in NYC: Everyone wants to own commercial real estate

Aaron Jungreis, Robert Knakal, Nat Rockett, Brooke Cianfichi

July 16, 2013: The Residential marketplace in New York City

Martin Nussbaum, Ben Shaoul, John Adams, Barry Rudofsky

July 23, 2013: Growth & Development in the North Fork & East End of Long Island

Andy Mitchell, Charles Massoud, Edgar Goodale, Michael Orsino

July 30, 2013: Residential & Commercial Development on the East End of Long Island

Steve Dubb, Don Eversoll, Kevin Santacroce, Robert Bernard

August 6, 2013: Residential Development in New York City

Jeffrey Levine, Steve Kenny, Jim Hedden, Hal Fetner

August 13, 2013: Everyone wants to live, work, shop and stay in Brooklyn

Chris Conlon, Ofer Cohen, Carlo Scissaura, Toby Moskovits

August 20, 2013: Owners & Executives Perspective on the Office Market in New York City

Mark Boisi, Michael Cohen, William Elder, Norman Sturner

August 27, 2013: The Vibrant & Growing Wine Business on the North Fork

Peter Carroll, Charles Massoud, Gabriella Macari, Jonathan Lynne

September 3, 2013:   Young Entrepreneurs in the NY Restaurant Market

Drew Nieporent, Branden McRill, August Cardona, Daniel Holzman

September 10, 2013: Manufacturing in New York City

Steven Chen, Mary Snyder, Garrett Oliver, Spiros Theofilatos

September 16, 2013: Young Friars Discuss Breaking into Show Biz