The 17th season of The Stoler Report: NY's Business Report debut on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017: Emerging Trends in Real Estate

Suburban/urban areas with access to good transportation are providing development opportunities. Wyandanch in Suffolk County, New Rochelle in Westchester - with the support of the communities - are important examples of creative renewal and growth.

Panelists: Michael Maturo, President & COO, RXR Realty; Stephen J. Meringoff, Principal, Himmel + Meringoff, Benjamin Stacks, Market Manager, Capital One Bank, Russell Albanese, Chairman, The Albanese Organization

September 19th, 2017: Battling the Opioid Epidemic-Part I

Since 1997, deaths in the United States due to opioid addiction have reached an historic high, increasing by 900%. Drug abusers are often the elderly, occurring when doctors over prescribe the drug, and young people, acquiring drugs from sellers and on the internet. 

Panelists: Elaine Pozycki, Founder, Prevent Opioid Abuse, Co-Chair, Partnership for A Drug, Free New Jersey; Andrew Kolodny, MD, Ex. Dir, Physicians for Responsible Prescribing, Co- Dir., Opioid Policy Research Collaborative, Brandeis University; Steven Witkoff, Chair, CEO, Witkoff; Angelo M. Valente, Executive Director, Partnership for A Drug Free New Jersey; Joseph D. Coronato, Prosecutor, Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Ocean County, NJ.

September 26, 2017: Battling the Opioid Epidemic-Part TWO

The extraordinary growth of opioid addiction and deaths has its roots in the alarming number of prescriptions doctors write for painkillers - and at increasing dosages. The public, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies must be alerted to the danger of these drugs as new, more powerful drugs appear.

Panelists: Elaine Pozycki, Founder, Prevent Opioid Abuse, Co-Chair, Partnership for A Drug, Free New Jersey; Andrew Kolodny, MD, Ex. Dir, Physicians for Responsible Prescribing, Co- Dir., Opioid Policy Research Collaborative, Brandeis University; Steven Witkoff, Chair, CEO, Witkoff; Angelo M. Valente, Executive Director, Partnership for A Drug Free New Jersey; Joseph D. Coronato, Prosecutor, Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Ocean County, NJ.

October 1, 2017: Alternative lenders increasing competition on commercial real estate financing

Expansion of real estate markets requires additional capital, particularly in transitioning markets like Bushwick and East New York. When banks, often the traditional source of capital, pull back, the alternative lender plays an important role in the development of new areas.

Guest: Dan Flanigan, Jon Brayshaw, Josh Zegen, Randy Reiff, Jonathan Chasin

October 8, 2017: Doing Business in Metro New York/New Jersey

Manufacturers, financial services, and a banker discuss changes they have experienced and opportunities that have developed in their industries. As the New York/New Jersey region continues to grow, the feeling is "this is the best part of the world to do business."

Guests: Alan Ackbarali, Andy Tananbaum, Jonathan Slass, Harry Gaffney

October 15, 2017: The Need for Affordable Housing in the Region

New York is a real leader in promoting affordable housing, yet 87,000 people are applying for 150 units. Developers and bank representative discuss issues faced by developers: zoning, available land, community concerns and by hopeful tenants: means tests, access to cumbersome applications.

Guests: Laura Bailey, Adam Weinstein, Brenda Rosen, Alexa Sewell

October 22, 2017: Industry Leaders Discuss the Greater East Midtown Rezoning

The areas of interest to the Greater East Midtown Rezoning efforts - 39th Street through 57th Street, Madison Avenue to Third Avenue - represent the vision of a modern commercial location, competitive with other areas of New York, achieved by developing sustainable Class-A office space, by upgrading the area's transit network, and enhancing retail corridors.

Panel: Michael Cohen, Bob Tuttle, Ross Moskowitzz

October 29, 2017: What's really happening in retail in the region?

Some say that retail is dead! Others argue that consumers still like to explore, to select, to touch-and-feel before they buy. E-Commerce has effected brick-and-mortar establishments, encouraging landlords to be more flexible. Panelists: Laura B. Greenfield,  Bruce J. Schanzer, Cedar Realty Trust, Robin Abrams, Eastern Consolidated, Michael Mattone, The Mattone Organization

November 5, 2017: The Truth about the investment sales market

Panelists: Will Silverman, Managing Director/Group Head, Investment Sales, Hodges Ward Elliott; Ronald A. Solarz, Executive Managing Director, Principal, Eastern Consolidated; David Schechtman, Sr. Exec. Managing Director, Meridian Capital Group; Shimon Shkury, President, Ariel Property Advisors.

November 12, 2017: Residential Development in the Metro Market

Discussing residential development, the banker and developers consider the challenges and opportunities of suburban markets - Westchester, New Rochelle; the effects of still-high land prices; the mixed value of amenities; and banks inclination to work with established developers. Panelists: Jason Kaufman, VP Commercial RE Development, Silverstein Properties; Joe Pizzutelli, Vice Pres-Comm RE/Team Leader, M&T Bank; Benjamin Levine, Douglaston Development/Levine Builders; Bryan Kelly, Gotham

November 19, 2017: What's Happening in Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge Park & the Community

After admitting to being skeptical in 1985, guests today, celebrate the success of revitalization, expansion and redevelopment of downtown Brooklyn - highlighting hotels, extraordinary parks, retail, cultural events, entertainment, and residences confirming Brooklyn's title as the Capital of the World!

Panelist: Josh Muss, Muss Organization, Regina Myer, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership; Paul Travis, Washington Square Partners, David Lombino, Two Trees

November 26, 2017: What's really happening in the condo market?

Supply has caught up with demand in the condo market. Buyers are looking for deals, they're shopping around; to speed decisions, incentives are being offered; deals are being made. Emerging areas: 57th Street corridor, Hudson Yards, difficult to find financing.

Panelists: David Lowenfeld, World Wide Holdings, David Von Spreckelsen, Toll Brothers City Living, Susan Newman, M & T Bank, Dan Cobleigh, Madison Realty Capital

December 3, 2017: Residential Market in New York City

How do you pick where to live? Is access to public transportation important to you? Do you prefer the suburbs-Yonkers, New Rochelle? How about the Bronx - good transportation. Queens? Is it a renters or owners market? Concessions may be available.

Panelists: Peter Von Der Ahe, Marcus & Millichap, Kirk Lloyd, Dime Community Bank, Joseph Pistilli, Pistilli Realty, First Central Savings Bank, Jeffrey Levine, Douglaston Development

December 10, 2017: Infrastructure and the 

Rebuilding of New York City

The New York Building Congress report, "New York City Outlook for Construction" discusses plans for infrastructure construction, commercial and residential. Panel discussed transportation - important to projects coming on line.

Panelists: Jill N. Lerner, Principal, KPF; Carlo Scissura, President, New York Building Congress; Milo Riverso, President & CEO, STV; Gregory A. Kelly, WSP USA

December 17, 2017: Challenges & Opportunities of working in a family busines

What's it like to be employed by your father or your uncle - to work in a family business? Discussing this situation, panelists indicated their early affection for the business, their pride in achieving goals, the closeness of working with family-feeling that the "boss" has your best interest at heart.

Panelists: James Riso, Briarwood Organization, Spencer Levine, RAL Companies, Carolyn Malinsky, Curbcut Urban Partners, Jessica Sherman, Douglaston Development/Levine Builders

December 24, 2017: Challenges & Opportunities of Siblings & Relatives working in a family business

What are the challenges/opportunities of siblings/relatives working in a family business? The kids seem happy; what about the grownups? "Bosses" discuss compensation of family members, the importance of assuring long-time employees of their value, the involvement of spouses and other family members. Many challenges!

Panelists: Vincent Riso, Briarwood Organization, Jeffrey Levine, Douglaston Development/Levine Builders, Aaron Malinsky, Curbcut Urban Partners, Robert Levine, RAL Companies

December 31, 2017: Everyone Wants to be at the New Jersey Gold Coast

Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken - and Bayonne - the New Jersey Gold Coast - Hudson River waterfront towns - continue to attract a diverse population, investors and developers, creating jobs, restaurants, retail and improving the quality of schools.

Panelists: Carl Goldberg, Canoe Brook, Jeffrey Schotz, SJP Properties, Philip Gesue, Strategic Capital, Frank Giantomasi, Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi P.C. 

January 21, 2018: Long Island: A place to live, work, shop & visit

What does it take to keep seniors living on Long Island and to attract newcomers and young people to Long Island? Panelists agree that there are opportunities to do both. Good jobs, quality of life opportunities, housing to replace old, rundown structures, improved transportation promote future growth.

Panelists: Allan V. Rose, Edward Blaskey, Joshua Weinkranz, Christopher Capece

January 28, 2018: The coming of age of vineyards of the North Fork

New York's 51st Governor, Hugh Carey and his growing family, fell in love with Shelter Island, spending long summer vacations there. Perhaps this affection inspired Governor Carey to sign, in 1976, the New York Farm Winery Act, thus becoming the inspiration for the great wines of New York.

Panelists: Charles Massoud, Jonathan Lynne, Eric Fry, Christopher Carey

January 7, 2018: The Tax Reform Act & Its implications on individuals

Tax experts, discussing who will benefit from the new Tax Reform Act, acknowledging that while it's difficult to generalize, agreed that it will be "really good for corporations." The increased Standard Deduction may help. Other changes discussed: the 529 Plan, estate taxes, and the $10,000 cap on mortgage and state and local taxes..and more.

Panelist: Robert Charron, Judson Stein

January 14, 2018: Tax Reform & Its effect on Small Business & Real Estate

Continuing to discuss the Tax Reform Act-concentrating in this show-on small business and real estate, tax exports agree that the corporation gets most of the benefits. Guests discuss the new tax section 199A; the 20% tax deduction for QUALIFIED businesses (what businesses are/are not qualified?)..and more.

Guests: Michael J. Greenwald, Lary Wolf

February 4, 2018: The Emerging Role Of Ambulatory Care Services in the 21st Century

Health Care today, looking like a "different world" to some practitioners and to many of those served, includes a new vocabulary that needs defining: Ambulatory Care Centers, Family Health Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Virtual Urgent Care, and Electronic Records head the list. Representatives of NYU Langone Health discuss these services.

Panel: Dr. Andrew Brotman, Dr. Bret Rudy, Andrew Rubin

February 11, 2018: The growth of the commercial market in Long Island City

The commercial market in Long Island City continues to grow, as a new wave of entrepreneurs with interesting, high-end products, artists, computer designers move into industrial space. Headquarters to major corporations, Fortune 500 manufacturers and tourism energize LIC's hotel business.


Paula Kirby Managing Director, Plaxall

Ravi Patel Hotel Developer/Owner, Ravel Hotel/Ravel Management

Joshua Schneps CEO/Partner, Schneps Communications/LIC Flea

Franklin S. Zuckerbrot President, Sholom & Zuckerbrot Realty

February 18, 2018: What's happening in Westchester. Dutchess & Fairfield Counties

White Plains, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Stamford - cities that are "open for business," with the cooperation of local boards and better communication, they are developing mixed-use communities and cultural space, attractive to empty nesters, and inviting to younger, transit-oriented residents.

Guests: Joe Cotter, Seth Pinsky, Mark Walz

February 21, 2018: The Catering & Event Business in the Region

The catering and event businesses are tough! Parties are fun; caterers and planners work to make sure clients and guests are having a good time! Not-for-profits, corporations rely on the caterers skills for special foods, interesting looks, careful service for their special events.

Panelists: Paul Neuman, B. Allan Kurtz, Simon Auerbacher, Anthony Taccetta